It’s all fun and games until something serious happens to an entertainer in the form of self-destruction. Then there’s a flurry of tweets and posts whining and crying about how they were such a wonderful person, so full of promise, and no one helped them, blah blah blah. We’ve seen it over and over, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, her daughter Bobbi Kristina, now Kanye West.

Every time he opens his mouth we expect foolishness. He is going to rant, rave, be incoherent, cocky, and downright crude with his EGO leading the way. But to me he doesn’t sound well. He sounds as if he might need to seek some mental health services to see what’s really going on. His behavior is erratic with the angry outbursts, and rambling. It’s not cute, it’s not genius, and it’s probably something he has no control over. Still everyone just either talks shit about him shaking their heads, or they’re dapping him up saying he is a genius and everyone else is a hater. Yeah, okay. 

A couple of days ago after yet another meltdown or rant, his own friend Rhymefest came out and said Kanye needs help. He straight up stated that he was fearful for his friend, that he needed to get healthy and happy. So while we’re just shaking our heads and saying, “That’s just Kanye,” his friend is saying that no, actually it isn’t. If his own wife, Kim Kardashian isn’t concerned, then why should the rest of the world be concerned? You know why? Because we keep losing our musical geniuses to mental health issues. The ones who couldn’t deal with their issues either made radical decisions to commit suicide or they faded into oblivion to never be seen or heard from again. 

As a trauma life coach I’m just saying we need to take this incoherent babbling seriously. This shit ain’t funny, and it ain’t cute. If someone doesn’t intervene Kanye will self destruct. Musically I love this dude, and I hate to watch this happening. African-Americans suffer from mental health issues in the dark, and in secret. We suffer in fear due to the stigma. Damn the stigma Kanye, go seek clinical therapy. Hell if you need a life coach I’m here for you. I won’t put up with no Taylor Swift meltdowns, but I can help you. 

In all seriousness, we can’t afford to lose another one of our greats. Mental health is real ya’ll. Let’s stop condoning foolishness, and call it for what it really is. Kanye baby, you need help. 

Love & Light,