Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to you all! This year I want to take the time to honor my ancestors who paved the way, the women I stand alongside now, and you! By committing to changing yourself, you are helping to change the world. “Change your mindset,... read more

Is your Spirituality Intersectional?

Read all the way to the end! This past weekend I spent some lovely time in Sedona, Arizona…well Cornville, Arizona to be exact. I had the pleasure of leading a workshop during a spiritually infused, women’s retreat. I arrived early, and when the other women arrived I... read more

Double Standards & Why It’s Never Going Away

Amber Rose attempts to break out of the box with her new found success with Zoobe, acting, shades wear line and more. It is impressive, yet it won’t be enough to stop the world from seeing her as nothing more than a former stripper. It’s the one thing... read more