Women’s Serene and Sober, Stackable Bracelet


Women’s Serenity & Sobriety Stackable Bracelet for Addiction Recovery, 8 mm Stackable Bracelet

This stackable bracelet is filled with amethyst, blue aventurine, rose quartz, fluorite, and hematite to help with sobriety: alcohol, food, sex, drugs, etc. It helps with coping skills and encourages relaxation and stress management. It is adorned with a charm with the word, “strong” on it.

Amethyst is a widely recommended gemstone for assistance in overcoming and addiction. The word Amethyst comes from a Greek word, amethusos, meaning not drunk. Amethyst is a stone of change, which is perfect for the path to sobriety. It helps to bring calmness and clarity where there is anxiety and confusion. Amethyst helps one learn of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic.

Blue Aventurine helps those with addictions to take responsibility for their problems. When used in meditation it will assist you in overcoming addictions. Blue Aventurine clears old, stagnant energies, helping you to open up to inner growth and spiritual work.

Hematite helps to release unwanted patterns that have become bad habits. It absorbs all the negative energy from your body, eliminating stress, anxiety, and worry.

Rose quartz to remind you to love yourself, and have compassion through your recovery. 

Fluorite can help increase your concentration and heighten your intuition. It can help you maintain an unbiased impartiality when decisions need to be made by reducing you emotional involvement in a situation. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Fluorite lets you take a step back and see better.

This bracelet measures 7 1/4.


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