Fertility Bracelet


Fertility Bracelet 

Each gemstone helps to promote fertility in a unique way adorned with a fertility Goddess charm. 

Aventurine- is used to encourage pregnancy and enhance fertility.
Black Onyx-helpful in aiding women who have had trouble conceiving or have previously had rough pregnancies.
Unakite (green & pink)- is a very famous fertility stone. It symbolizes balance and cleanliness and has long been used as a fertility aid.
Rhodonite (pink & black)- rhodonite is said to help treat fertility problems.
Carnelian- is thought to have a positive impact on the female reproductive system, which helps improve fertility.
Rose Quartz- may also help in getting pregnant quickly, as it is believed to enhance fertility level in women.
Moonstone- is often used for fertility and infertility as it is said to regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle and boost female energy.
Ocean Jasper (green)- jasper honors Bona Dea, the Roman Earth Goddess of Fertility and the Greek Goddess of Women. It is also used for sexuality.


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