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As a life coach it is very easy for me to sit across from a client and look them straight into their eyes and say, “You have to let the pain go, you have to release it.”  However, let’s be honest here…it is way more easier said than done. So much so that I had to take a good look within my own life to make sure, that I am practicing, what I preach. Yes, I forgave those that have hurt me, but no I did not release the pain.  I held onto the pain like a badge of honor. I would look at the pain to remember what the person did to me, so that I could relive it play by play in an effort to validate my hatred or disdain for the person. It needn’t matter what he or she did to me; if they inflicted any emotional or physical pain, I remembered in a huff and scoffed at the mere mention of their name.  I also did this to people who caused grief to other innocent people. If someone brought up their name, I’d associate it with either what they did to a person or persons as a whole.   Hatred became easy for me. It’s easy to say, I dislike so-and-so! It takes effort to forgive, and release the pain. It was easy to hide behind hatred, instead of trying to understand why someone did something to me. That is until I realized that I needed to love them. To love others it means to allocate some sort of emotion towards them. To love them would mean that I actually wholeheartedly toss out everything that they’ve done to me that I did not approve of or like.

Hmm…exactly what did God mean when he told us to, Love Our Enemies? Like actually love them? Guess what? Yes, that is exactly what it means.  God said, ”love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matt. 5:43-44).  Now let me be clear on this, God is not talking about calling up your enemy and inviting them to coffee, nor is he telling you to love them like you love your family and friends. It means to place aside all the hateful, evil things that they do, or have done and love the person God intended them to be. Ask God to love them through you because as a human being, it is just too difficult for you to do it alone. It takes a spiritual level to love your enemies and view them as God does. For me, it was a process! A process that took time, and yes energy that I would have like to expend on other things. However, I know that there are wicked entities in this world and without God’s shield any one of us can acquire these tainted, demonic spirits. But remember, God made each and every one of us in his own image, and by our own choices we turn away from that. So yes, it’s hard to let the pain go; but trust me you can. Then eventually you can learn how to love your enemies and when you do that my dear your whole world will change…for the better.

Love & Light,