*Trigger Warning, this posts contains language that may be sensitive to sexual assault survivors, proceed with caution:

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.53.04 PM*Image from CNN

“I felt like I was in survival mode, and I had to do what he was making me do,” these are the words of the survivor above. The survivor pictured above is one of 13 women that former Oklahoma police officer Daniel Holtzclaw raped, sodomized, fondled, and terrorized. I call it what it is, terrorism. It was domestic terrorism on 13 women who had to endure injustice at the hands of a man who took an oath to defend and protect. Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 8.23.58 PM Well who in the hell was he protecting? We know who he wasn’t protecting. He wasn’t protecting African-American women in low-income neighborhoods in Oklahoma City. Daniel had a type, his type were women who he thought were an easy target, they were easy prey. They were women who weren’t normally protected by justice. The invisible woman, black women. Especially black women who already had a background with drugs, and prostitution. Who would listen to them? I have being saying for years that black women are being targeted, I said it on Twitter many years ago, my tweets went on ignored. People criticized me for being too sensitive, too paranoid. Because see, we are invisible. Who would take the time to target us right? Well Daniel did. But this time someone saw black women. Because one used her voice, and came forward. She refused to allow this man who was respected  due to his badge and gun, to get away with discarding, using, abusing, and raping her as if her life didn’t matter. But it does matter, it matters to the all white jury that was selected and made us sit on the edge of our seats as the verdict was read. It did matter when she spoke, even though her voice was shaky. It did matter, when she spoke of how she suffered trauma, and a stroke. It mattered when the 17 year old recounted that she too was taken, against her will, by an officer of the law, on her own mothers porch. That day, on Daniel’s 29th birthday black women mattered. While he banged his head, and his large frame heaved, and he sobbed we sat up. Some of us were standing a bit straighter. Our heads were held a little higher. We were very visible, and people listened. Although, the media remained quiet, and didn’t let the rest of the world know about the terrorism that happened against 13 black women in Oklahoma city, we knew. We knew and we let out a collective sigh when we realized that all the Go Fund Me pages in the world won’t help Daniel where he is going. We knew as they sang happy birthday in unison to a rapist terrorist who enjoyed so many birthdays free. Free without worry about the pain he caused, night after night. As he stood smiling with friends and family, his laughter permeating the air, bellowing out jokes, throwing his head back with self-assurance. He had so many nights worry free while his victims bodies riddled with pain. They had post traumatic stress disorder. They couldn’t sleep or eat. Their bodies rocked with pain. Their throats hurt due to being violated. The victims eyes sought out others, the look they gave each other, the look of knowing. The look of, “I hope, maybe sister. Maybe this time it will be different in the court of law.” It was different, this time. They can finally begin their path to hope, and healing. Perhaps they can leave their homes without worrying, perhaps. Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 8.23.44 PM It didn’t work this time Daniel, because this time you picked the wrong one. But then again she was the right one. Because she had unspeakable strength. She had strength and courage. Her voice gave birth to righteousness. She was the right one Daniel because she stood up to your bullying, and terrorism. Happy Belated Birthday Daniel, enjoy your cake.